The research group Industrial Software offers topics for theses and practicals in different research areas. The following list describes the focus and core competences of our research areas.


Building Systems

Software Engineering,
Software Re-Engineering,
Software Analysis and Visualization,
Software Maintenance and Lifecycle Management


Designing Comfort

Human-computer interaction,
Tangible User Interfaces,
Interaction Devices and Methods,
Usability engineering


Establishing Security

Security Analysis and Inspection,
Security Engineering,
System and Security Monitoring,
Process Models and Enterprise Security


Connecting Patients

Medical Information Systems, Electronic
Health Records, Health IT Infrastructures,
Serious Games in Healthcare, Animal Health
Records, m-Health Solutions


Amazing Makers

Empirical Software Engineering,
Agile & Distributed Software Development
Software Project Management, Processes,
Teams and Team Building


Balancing Banks

Core-Banking, Risikosteuerung,
Regulatory Requirements & Reporting,
Banken-IT-Steuerung, IT- and Project
Management Governance im Banking Sector


Innovating Towns

Community Informatics, eGovernment, eVoting


Mobilizing Society

Mobile Technology, Services & Applications,
NFC, Smartcards & RFID,
Embedded and Pervasive Systems


Operating Enterprises

ERP-/ERM-Systems, PPS-/SCM-Systems,
CAS-/CRM-Systems Project Management,
IT-Management, IT-Controlling E-Business,
Enterprise Portals, Risk Management, IT-Strategy eGovernment


Perfecting Software

Software Quality Assurance,
Software Testing,
Requirements Engineering


Taming Robots

Applied Artificial Intelligence,
Optimization/Automation with AI Technologies, Speech Recognition,
Trust & Transparency, Social Responsibility,
Privacy & Data Protection


Analysing Dynamics

Motion Analysis and Movement Evaluation,
Biomechanic Systems,
Sport Situation Assessment, Sports Games


Serving Athletes

Smart Safety Equipment, Sports Diagnostics and Analysis Systems, Data Broadcasting, Training Performance Indication and Improvement Prediction, Digital Referee


Migrating Software

Legacy Systems,
System Reengineering & Migration,
Software Maintenance & Evolution


Supporting Governments

Digital innovations in eGovernment,
AI in Public Administrations,
Digital Technologies in Public Healthcare


Softwaretechnik: Mit Fallbeispielen aus realen Entwicklungsprojekten
Book Icon Softwaretechnik: Mit Fallbeispielen aus realen Entwicklungsprojekten
Campus-Management Systeme als Administrative Systeme
Book Icon Campus-Management Systeme als Administrative Systeme
Design Space for Focus+Context Navigation in Web Forms
Book Icon Design Space for Focus+Context Navigation in Web Forms


Software Engineering

LVA-Nr. Titel Stunden Typ Semester
183.239 Software Engineering und Projektmanagement 2.0 VO WS
183.241 Software Engineering und Projektmanagement 4.0 PR WS/SS
183.243 Advanced Software Engineering 4.0 PR WS/SS
180.456 Advanced Software Engineering 2.0 VO WS
183.661 Mobile (App) Software Engineering 2.0 VU SS
183.286 (Mobile) Network Services and Applications 2.0 VU WS
183.634 Software Maintenance and Evolution 2.0 VU SS
194.053 Project in Computer Science 1 4.0 PR WS/SS
194.054 Project in Computer Science 2 4.0 PR WS/SS

Software Qualitätssicherung

LVA-Nr. Titel Stunden Typ Semester
180.764 Softwarequalitätssicherung 4.0 VU WS/SS
183.290 Software Testen 2.0 VU WS
183.652 Software Quality Management 2.0 VU SS
183.252 SW Projekt Beobachtung und -Controlling 4.0 VU SS

Information System Management

LVA-Nr. Titel Stunden Typ Semester
183.231 ERP Systeme 2.0 VU SS
183.607 Advanced ERP Systems 1 2.0 VU WS
183.251 IT Strategie 2.0 VU WS

Projektmanagement, Risikomanagement

LVA-Nr. Titel Stunden Typ Semester
183.638 Advanced Project Management 2.0 VU SS
183.131 Risikomanagement 2.0 VU SS

Web Engineering

LVA-Nr. Titel Stunden Typ Semester
183.223 Web Application Engineering & Content Management 2.0 VU SS

User Interface Design/Usability Engineering

LVA-Nr. Titel Stunden Typ Semester
183.289 Interface & Interaction Design 2.0 VU WS
183.123 Usability Engineering 2.0 VU SS
183.639 Beyond the Desktop 4.0 VU SS
183.667 Mobile (App) Prototyping and Evaluation 4.0 PR SS
183.577 Pilots in Mobile Interaction 2.0 VU SS


LVA-Nr. Titel Stunden Typ Semester
183.594 Introduction to Security 2.0 VU WS
183.637 Security for Systems Engineering 2.0 VU SS
183.633 IT Security in Large IT Infrastructures 2.0 VU SS
183.633 Advanced Security for Systems Engineering 2.0 VU WS

Medizinische Informatik

LVA-Nr. Titel Stunden Typ Semester
183.635 eHealth in Theorie und Praxis 4.0 VU SS
183.253 Informationssysteme des Gesundheitswesens 2.0 VO WS
183.600 Advanced Aspects of IT Infrastructures for Health Care 2.0 VO WS
183.601 Advanced Aspects of Hospital Information Systems 2.0 VO WS
187.A23 Anwendungen im Gesundheitswesen 2.0 VU WS
183.636 Mobile Computing in Health Care 2.0 VU SS
183.644 Telemedizin 4.0 VU WS

Banking & Payment

LVA-Nr. Titel Stunden Typ Semester
194.067 Technical and Organizational Mechanisms of Payments 2.0 VU


LVA-Nr. Titel Stunden Typ Semester
183.606 Seminar aus Security 2.0 SE WS
183.173 Seminar aus Software Entwicklung 2.0 SE WS
183.599 Seminar aus Medizinischer Informatik 2.0 SE WS/SS
183.603 Seminar aus Medieninformatik 2.0 SE WS
183.109 Forschungsseminar für Dissertanten 2.0 SE WS/SS

Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten

LVA-Nr. Titel Stunden Typ Semester
183.234 Forschungsmethoden 2.0 VU

Lectures at TU Graz

LVA-Nr. Titel Stundn Typ Semester
716.110 Crunchpoints der modernen industriellen Softwareentwicklung und IT-Projektführung 3.0 VU

Master's and Bachelor's theses

Please see the individual pages of the research groups for possible topcis. Contact the designated advisor and arrange a meeting to discuss structure and content of the thesis.

A presentation of all INSO research fields is always held on the beginning of a new semester. The next event will take place on Wednesday, October 6th 2021 at 17:00h online via TUWEL and on site in HS7. For any general question and for access to the TUWEL course please contact: We would be happy to send you the slides of the topic presentation uppon your request.



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