Welcome to ANDY

ANDY is a research team focusing on state-of-the-art systems and analysis models for biomechanics:

Mission Statement

Developing new ways of analysing, modelling and visualising data of complex dynamic systems, related to human motion.

Supervision Offer

We are offering supervision for all projects within our scope, including seminar, internship, bachelor thesis, and master thesis projects. You are encouraged to either choose a project from our “current research topics page” or propose an own idea.


Current Research Topics

Martial Arts Technique Analysis System

Martial Arts Technique Analysis System (Video image analysis)

Image Analysis
  • 2D Video
  • Detection of defined technique
  • Segment Tracking
  • Motion Segmentation
  • Performance Indicators based on previous studies

Web application for semi-automatic analysis of a specific martial arts technique recorded by a 2D camera.

Workflow description

Video files with defined characteristics of the technique execution can be uploaded. The software automatically recognizes and tracks the motion based on a (at least) 12 segment model of the human body. The technique is divided into functional phases and specific data -based on state-of-the-art research- is collected at the motion-nodes between the phases.

4-Camera Sport Situation Assessment

4-Camera Sport Situation Assessment

Body segment detection and tracking from 4 perspectives
  • Movement Trajectories
  • Number of kicks
  • Number of punches
  • Target reached
Images of 4 synchronised cameras with different angles of defined positions should be used to:
  • Identify the pose estimations of 2 athletes
  • Thereon based, detect their body segments
  • Provide simple movement evaluations (e.g. number of punches and kicks)
Optional: Advanced movement evaluations
  • Information about target contacts of each punch or kick
  • Horizontal movement trajectories of each athlete
  • 3D trajectories of the body segments of each athlete
Boxing Performance Diagnostics

Boxing Performance Diagnostics

Sport-specific laboratory endurance performance diagnostic for boxing

Caution: Project may be (Covid-related) delayed System for data analysis and visualisation.

Image Analysis
  • SmartGlove
  • Heartrate
  • Lactate
  • (Maybe: Spiroergometry)

Software application to assist evaluation of a novel type of performance diagnostic for martial arts using a smart boxing glove technology, lactate analysis, heartrate and maybe spiroergometric data. Data must be recorded/transmitted/transferred, analysed and appropriately displayed.