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Most topics can be adjusted to be addressed in a master's/bachelor's thesis or an internship.


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Focus 1: Agile Methods

  Engineering Requirements Imposed by Lean and Agile Software Development

  Agile Software Engineering in low spatial distance

  Lean Software Development: A Systematic Mapping and Case Study

  Kanban for Distributed Teams (or other lean/pull-based approaches)

  Your own research proposal in the area

Focus 2: Distributed Software Development

  Collaborative Development of Open Source Software: the Role of Software Engineering Processes

  A Pattern Language: How to cope with Coordination, Communication and Control challenges in Distributed Software Development

  Agile Practices in a Distributed Environment: Implementation study of an Agile Distributed Process Framework

  Putting an Agile Distributed Process Framework to the Test: Physical vs Electronic Usability Enhancements

  The Impact of Cultural Diversity in Distributed Teams on Various Aspects of Project Management

  Your own research proposal in the area

Focus 3: Empirical Software Engineering

  Efficient Integration of Usability and Accessibility into the Lifecycle of Web Development Projects

  Multi-Vendor Software Engineering

  Design requirements, Scaling Mechanisms and Proof-of-Concept for Process Tailoring

  Your own research proposal in the area

Contact: amma[at]inso.tuwien.ac.at (incl. CV and formless motivation - either in German or English)

Further Topics

If you have another topic that may fit well with the AMMA group (Empirical Software Engineering, Distributed Software Development, Agile Methods, Software Project Management, Processes, Teams and Team Building), please send your research proposal, CV and formless motivation to amma[at]inso.tuwien.ac.at.