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Conference papers

  • Kappel, K. & Grechenig, T. (2009). "show-me": Water Consumption at a glance to promote Water Conservation in the Shower. The 4th International Conference on Persuasive Technology (Persuasive 2009).
  • Kappel, K. & Grechenig, T. (2008). From Feedback to Awareness: An Ambient Water Consumption Display. In Proceedings of the Poster Session at the Tenth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp2008).
  • Leitner, M., Tomitsch, M., Költringer K., Kappel, K. & Grechenig, T. (2007). Designing Tangible Tabletop Interfaces for Patients in Rehabilitation. In Proceedings of the Conference and Workshop on Assistive Technology for People with Vision and Hearing Impairments (CVHI).
  • Költringer, T., Tomitsch, M., Kappel, K. & Grechenig, T. (2006). Guidelines for Designing Usable DVD Menus. In Proceedings of the 20th British HCI conference (HCI 2006), Vol. 2. [PDF, 61 kb]
  • Tomitsch, M., Grechenig, T., Kappel, K., Költringer, T. (2006). Experiences from Designing a Tangible Musical Toy. In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference for Interaction Design and Children (IDC 2006), Tampere, Finnland, June 2006, to appear.
  • Kappel, K., Tomitsch, M., Költringer, T., Grechenig, T. (2006). Developing User Interface Guidelines for DVD Menus. In Extended Abstracts of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2006), to appear.
  • Költringer, T., Kappel, K., & Grechenig, T. (2005). GlueBar: A Solution Pattern for Integrating Interfaces into Self-Contained Applications. In Proceedings of HCI International 2005, , Vol.3: Human-Computer Interfaces: Concepts, New Ideas, Better Usability, and Applications. CD-ROM.
  • Költringer, T., Tomitsch, M., Kappel, K., Kalbeck, D. & Grechenig, T. (2005). Implications for Designing the User Experience of DVD Menus. In Extended Abstracts of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2005),1565 - 1568. [PDF, 51 kb]

Journal papers

  • Kappel, K. & Grechenig, T. (2011). "Show-Me" - water conservation through ambient feedback. i-com, 10 (2), 26-33.
  • Rolando A. Cardenas-Tamayo, J. Antonio García-Macías, Timothy M. Miller, Patrick Rich, Janet Davis, Joan Albesa, Manel Gasulla, Jorge Higuera, María Teresa Penella, José Garcia, Alejandro Fernández-Montes, Maria-Angeles Grado-Caffaro, Karin Kappel, Thomas Grechenig, lhan Umut, Erdem U, Josh Wall, John Ward, "Pervasive Computing Approaches to Environmental Sustainability," IEEE Pervasive Computing, vol. 8, no.1, pp. 54-57, January-March, 2009.

Workshop contributions

  • Kappel, K. & Grechenig, T. (2008). Creating Energy Awareness using Ambient Information Systems as Persuasive Technology. ACM CHI 2008 Workshop "Surrounded by persuasive Ambient Intelligence"
  • Tomitsch, M., Kappel, K., Lehner, A. & Grechenig, T. (2007). Towards A Taxonomy For Ambient Information Systems. Pervasive 2007 Workshop on the Issues of Designing and Evaluating Ambient Information Systems
  • Költringer, T., Tomitsch, M., Kappel, K. & Grechenig, T. (2007). Understanding Spatial Mobile Service Discovery using Pointing and Touching. ACM CHI 2007 Workshop on Mobile Spatial Interaction


  • Grechenig, T., Bernhart, M., Breiteneder, R., Kappel, K. (2009). Softwaretechnik: Mit Fallbeispielen aus realen Entwicklungsprojekten. Pearson Studium. ISBN: 978-3-8689-4007-7

Technical reports

  • Tomitsch, M., Költringer, T., Kappel, K., Grechenig, T. (2006). DVD Menu User Interface Guidelines. Technical Report RISE-01/06.