DI Dr. Mario Bernhart

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Office location: Wiedner Hauptstra├če 76, Stiege 2, 2. Stock; 1040 Wien
Office hours: currently not available
Email: {{laim}}


At INSO I am the coordinator for the BUSY (Building Systems) software engineering research group. My research interest covers everything useful and practical in large-scale and real-world software engineering. Currently I am working on code review systems and the re-engineering of legacy systems in aviation and other domains.

In 2012 I was a visiting researcher at the MIT Complex Systems Research Lab (CSRL) of Prof. Nancy Leveson.

I am an Eclipse committer and regular speaker at EclipseCons (2009-2011), and from 2009 to 2012 I was leading the Eclipse Mylyn Reviews project (successor of ReviewClipse) which now provides the Gerrit connector for Eclipse.


I am currently giving the following lectures. Please see TISS.

Topics for theses can be found here or if you have a good idea, just write me a proposal.


Softwaretechnik - Mit Fallbeispielen aus realen Projekten

Grechenig, T., Bernhart, M., Breiteneder, R., Kappel, K. (2009): Softwaretechnik - Mit Fallbeispielen aus realen Projekten. Verlag Pearson Studium, M├╝nchen, Germany.

Further Publications see:
  • TU publications database
  • DBLP
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