SPICS - a documentation platform for medical processes

SPICS is a cross-domain project developed by the research group for Industrial Software (INSO) and several medical experts. The web-based platform aims to facilitate the documentation work for clinical staff and to support them in enforcing and conforming with documentation standards.

Apart from allowing geographically distributed teams to collaboratively work on documentations, the system provides extensive possibilities for data export and statistical analysis. It allows the comparison of treatment processes and the effectiveness of medications as well as fast and effective routine monitoring and diagnostics.

Besides the core functionality, the platform currently features extensions for 3 medical sectors:

     SPICSsoul - Documentations for Bipolar Disorders: soul-doc.com
     SPICSvasc - Documentations for Vascular Surgery www.vasc-world.com
     SPICSwound - Documentations for Wound Healing Analysis and Management www.what-world.com

Additionally, SPICS offers a large amount of configuration items to tailor the available functionality to the customers needs. The platform is built on a flexible plugin concept with multiple extension points to ease the integration of new functionality.

Greatest focus during design and development of the platform is on secure implementation, as well as compliance with data protection regulations.


We are currently offering Bachelor/Master Theses and Practicals in Project management, Medical Informatics, Software Engineering, Usability Engineering and Software Testing.

If you are interested in contributing to the project please contact christoph.haselmann@inso.tuwien.ac.at