ReviewClipse - A Free Continuous Code-Review Plugin for Eclipse

ReviewClipse is an Eclipse integrated code review plugin, which helps developers to review the source code contineously on a per changeset basis - the item under inspection is one changeset in the revision control system.

We are currently developing Mylyn Reviews (proposal, website), on which we will focus our efforts in the long term, but we will provide maintainance releases for ReviewClipse.

News & Noteworthy

      • We are speaking at EclipseCon 2010! We would be very glad to meet you in our session on Thursday. 03/22/2010
      • Slides of the Eclipse DemoCamp 2009 in Vienna are available here. 12/08/2009
      • We are also speaking at Eclipse Summit 2009! Our talk will give some insights of our successful concept and a live demo of ReviewClipse! (session slides) 09/01/2009

      • We present ReviewClipse at the SubConf 2009 in Munich! Visit our session at Wednesday! (session slides) 07/21/2009

      • ReviewClipse is ready for Galileo! ReviewClipse has been tested and supports the new release of Eclipse named Galileo (3.5) 06/26/2009

      • We are speaking at EclipseCon 2009! EclipseCon is the premier technical and user conference focusing on the power of the Eclipse platform. We would be very glad to meet you in our session on Tuesday. (session slides) 12/18/2008

      • We have registered ReviewClipse at Eclipse Plugin Central. Feel free to rate our plug-in and leave a comment 02/03/2009

      Benefits & Features

      The tight integration of the review plug-in into the Eclipse development environment helps the developer to accept the review task as his daily work, like debugging or re-factoring. Because of its simple design it's possible to initiate the review process on any existing project in a few minutes. All review data is stored within files, shared with the already configured subversion repository of your project. So there is no need to setup any server-side application, apart from the already existing subversion repository. The reviewer uses a special review editor to inspect the changesets, compares different versions of a file with the compare editor, and leaves his rating and optional comments for the commiter of the changeset. The review editor aligns with the basic concepts of the Eclipse environment, so the initial training will consume little time. Here are some features of ReviewClipse:

      • Easy to use review editor
      • Easy installation and configuration, no server-side application needed
      • Flexible Author/Reviewer assignments, supporting different types of reviewing (Peer vs. Master)
      • Assignments may be scheduled within periods, supporting review iterations
      • Re-use of the Compare-Editor to show file differences between revisions
      • Enhanced Review-Editor to manage assignments and code reviews


      We are planning to implement the following features in the near future:

      • Manual configuration for users.
      • Improved filters(regex) for assignments.
      • Extended support for versioning systems, e.a. CVS, Mercurial, Perforce - currently ReviewClipse supports only Subversion, because of its popularity (see the GIT user's survey of 2008).
      • Review comments per line - create fine grained comments within the compare-editor for a single line of code.
      • Reporting framework to get statistics and code-metrics from your review data.


      If you have any suggestions, questions installing or using the tool, or in any other case, please drop us an e-mail: support dot reviewclipse at


      ReviewClipse - Eclipse integrated Code Review Plug-in

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      Concept, Design & Implementation: Mario Bernhart, Christoph Mayerhofer, Thomas Grechenig

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